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A digital media and literacy program has resulted in the stories and images of Nauiyu exhibited in a coffee table book.

In conjunction with Cassandra Powell, a professional photographer, Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation delivered a 4 week intensive program designed to support micro enterprise and improve literacy. The program was delivered with funding support from the Australian Government’s, Community Development Program.

Twelve ladies engaged in the program and learnt a broad variety of skill sets using DSLR cameras and editing software. Modules covered in the program included camera basics, composition, introduction to GNU image manipulation, portraits and landscapes, macro photography, long exposure, editing and publishing.

At the commencement of the program the ladies workshopped their ideas on what they would like to produce and collectively decided to produce a coffee table book which told their stories. They also chose to use their best images to produce postcards to be retailed.

Cassandra was overwhelmed by the level of interest and engagement from the women. “The ladies really enjoyed experimentation with the cameras and seeing their resulting images. They learned different shutter speeds by bursting water balloons and trying to capture it on camera as well as light painting with slow shutter speeds.

A highlight for everyone on the program was a night sky shoot. “The shoot was optional though almost everyone turned up, which is a real testament to the level of interest in the program. We started with a sunset shoot at Daly River crossing where we go chased by a buffalo and then spent the rest of the evening capturing the milky way. There were lots of big self-satisfied smiles when they saw their results.”

Shaun Pearce, Chief Executive Officer of Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation was really pleased with the results. “We are always willing to try new concepts in partnership with our communities to increase engagement of job seekers in a structured learning environment. I am really pleased with the book and postcards they developed and am sure they will retail well, which will provide an additional source of income for the participants. We are also starting to receive interest from the corporate sector wanting framed images.”

Watch this space for availability and stockists of these beautiful books and postcards in the near future.